Job Assignments

Soracles Assignments

You can use Soracles to find and hire people with highly experienced and influential profiles for senior job roles. They can start them on a limited cost part time basis and progress to a full time basis when needed. Soracles agency provides a quick and easy way to hire and terminate. Trial workers before hiring them and convert them to your employee with a minimal transition cost. Use our sample consulting and job assignment contracts to offer and negotiate flexible job compensation options ranging from lowering initial pay to providing bonuses and rewards for job successes.

Soracles experts with senior profiles can rapidly assume part time or full time job roles at your company to add credibility with flexible time and compensation options.

Senior Staff Profiles – Quickly add staff to your company that have highly experienced and credible backgrounds.

Part or Full Time – Job roles can range from honorary (no hours) to full time positions for periods of time.

Easy Hire & Terminate – Add and remove staff for your company without the need for complex employee commitments.

Compensation Options – Pay and reward new job workers with a mix of hourly, monthly, commissions, bonuses or other methods that best fit your business.

Trial Before Job Hire – Start to use experts in your company to verify capability and compatibility before hiring them.