Lawrence Harte

OTT, Streaming TV and Wireless ISP Expert

$110 per call (up to 30 min)

Expertise Summary

Lawrence Harte is the publisher and editor in chief of OTT Business Magazine, author of more than 132 communication books (Mostly TV technology, business, and media communication. Between 2005 and 2022, he interviewed more than 4,137 executives and technologists in the communication industry. Mr. Harte is the Executive Producer of TV Tech Show and is responsible for expanding user interfaces (UX), implementing new content sources, setting up advanced advertising, TV apps, social TV, and eCommerce services. He is the CMO of, an MTV like television show where he sets up SVOD and AVOD services, video ad integration, and advanced tCommerce applications. Mr. Harte has worked for Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and has been an expert consultant for Samsung, Google TV , Nokia, and dozens of other top media and technology companies. He holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York (1990).

Job Roles

VP of Business Development
Chief Marketing Officer – CMO
Chief Content Officer

Key Services and Capabilities

  • Discover and Develop Sales Leads – 40+ qualified contacts per month
  • Sell OTT Systems & Services – get new customers
  • Develop Sales Scripts & Campaigns – develop, use & share with team
  • Interview and Define Buyer and User Journeys – get and do 20-30 
  • Create Marketing and Sales Collateral Content – 2-5 media items/mo
  • Produce Training Materials for Customers & Staff – marketing & sales support
  • Setup and Manage Media Channels – 20+ – get new multiple listings in search results
  • Produce & Host Webinars and Events – awareness, credibility and lead generation
  • New Business Opportunities – partners, new customer types+
  • Create Plans & Procedures – business, marketing, sales


Advisory Calls – Zoom or phone
Consulting Projects – up to 10 hours/week
Job Assignments – part time/fractional