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Soracles is a network of top experts in OTT/Streaming Media, Wireless ISP/Broadband and Smart Public Safety. Companies hire Soracles experts to answer questions (advisor), work on project assignments (consulting) or to become a fractional or full time staff member (contract job roles).


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Rapidly get advisors, consultants or staff roles as soon as you need them.

Near Instant Advisory Consulting

The SoraclesEz(™) platform allows you to find and talk to experts almost instantly – sometimes within a few minutes or hours.

Once you have discovered a candidate expert that can help you, the advisory consulting rate is shown along available call times. You can then book a session or work with the expert to determine an agreed call time. Typical call times are 30 to 60 minutes. This near instant consulting service enables you to get answers to key questions, understand topics and determine your unbiased options. The sessions can be short and if you have a complex challenge, you can talk with multiple experts.

If you are not sure the expert can help you, send them a question about their experience and knowledge related to your topic.

How Near Instant Advisor Consulting Works

Search for An Expert on
Search for Your Expert by Category or Topic Guides
Review Profile and Call Availability Times
Request Your Date and Consult Time
Describe Your Topic or Challenge
Authorize Payment
Expert Reviews and Approves Call
Client and Expert Get Email 5 Min before Call
Expert calls Client at Meeting Time – by Zoom or Phone
Direct Communication – with a Transcription Option
Expert Call Summary Notes sent to Client

Flexible Consulting Assignments

Soracles helps you to find, negotiate and setup consulting assignments with qualified and pre-screened experts on hourly, task or project basis. Experts can work remotely and/or onsite with flexible time schedules. Communication between you and the expert is direct and private. You can review and update tasks and assignments to manage and control time and budgets.

Senior Profile Job Roles

You can use Soracles to find and hire people with highly experienced and influential profiles for senior job roles. They can start them on a limited cost part time basis and progress to a full time basis when needed. Soracles agency provides a quick and easy way to hire and terminate. Trial workers before hiring them and convert them to your employee with a minimal transition cost. Use our sample consulting and job assignment contracts to offer and negotiate flexible job compensation options ranging from lowering initial pay to providing bonuses and rewards for job successes.

Company Member Benefits

Any company can do basic searches in Soracles expert consulting directory without being a member. Companies that become a member (register on the Soracles platform) get advanced search capabilities and access to sample resources. Company members can have direct communication and online bookings along with simple account management to control your budget, track time and simplify task assignments.

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Expert Member Benefits

Soracles provides expert members with consulting project requests which they can accept, reject or negotiate. Each Soracles expert creates a consulting projects wish list that identifies their expert capabilities and desired assignments. This enables Soracles to do topic interviews to identify their skills and experience category areas. It also allows Soracles to gather and convert the expert’s knowledge into publishable and discoverable media. Soracles provides expert members with tools and processes to complete their consulting assignments.

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Industry Media and Publications

Soracles manages over 120 media channels and publishes industry magazines, books and courses including OTT Business, WISP Magazine and Smart Public Safety Magazine. Soracles helps experts to create articles & tutorials and contribute to podcasts, webinars and other media. In addition to earning royalties on their content, experts get publicity, credibility and speaking invitations.

Shared Expert Resources

The Soracles platform provides companies and experts with access to resources including sample consulting contracts, industry guides & tutorials, business & project plans, media templates and hard to find business benchmarks and data.

Tech Media Industries

Soracles currently focuses on the OTT and Streaming Media industry. Some experts are in the Wireless ISP and Smart Public Safety industries. To gather and organize information in these industries, Soracles has industry magazines, podcasts, dictionaries, directories and other expert resources.